8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Solar Water Heater?


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Solar Energy is a renewable free source of energy that can use in the form of the Solar Water Heater, solar PV panel power generation and many others. Specifically, solar water heaters collect solar energy by using evacuated tubes or flat plate collectors from the sun and it has insulated tank to store hot water. In daytime solar collectors or panels get charged and provide hot water. After utilization of fully hot water, solar tubes or collectors gets start charging during daytime with good sunlight intensity.
To Save Electricity: A 100 litre per day (LPD) solar water heater system is suitable for 4 members, as everyone using electricity in morning for hot water purpose. Instead of using electricity we go for solar water heaters to save power.
Peak Time Energy Savings: As everyone using electricity in the form geysers to get hot water in peak time (morning), if we use solar water heater can save power especially in morning. That’s what government of India has made mandatory to install a solar water heater for new homes.

Free from Power Cuts: Once solar water heater gets tubes or collectors charged, it stores hot water and can use any time and need not worry about power cuts in the morning. Once water utilized gets start charging in the daytime with good sunlight intensity.

One Time Investment: Solar water heater installation is one-time investment can save power consumption and money also. Depend on company’s 5-10 years manufacturing warranty, you can save throughout 5-10 years morning electricity bill.
Support Solar Energy: Power can be generated by hydro, wind, coal and many others. In preference of solar water heater (solar energy) can save power generated from other sources.

Go green: To cut down CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions which generated from coal-based plant to protect the environment, preferably go green with renewable energy of solar water heater.

Prevent Hazardously: By using nuclear plant which is hazardous to an environment can generate enormous power of energy. To usage of solar energy, we can prevent nuclear power plant hazardous which is very dangerous to humans and nature.
Maintenance: Less maintenance, only to clean tubes or panels, check with any leakages and protect tubes or panels from dust. Most of the companies come up with 5-10 years of manufacturing warranty for some parts of solar water heaters.


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