Role of Solar Water Heater in Conserving Nature and Preventing Global Warming.


A Solar Water Heaters contribution is more to protect our environment system. Carbon emission and nuclear power plant hazardous will negatively impact on humans and nature. Day by day global warming is increasing because of excess carbon emission from coal-based plant to get energy. To cut down increasing global warming and carbon emissions, go with solar energy in solar water heaters form. By using the solar water we can’t say 100 percent of protecting the atmosphere and avoid global warming, it’s just alternative way to save power consumption.

Global Warming: The Gradual increase in the average earth’s temperature might changes that to believed permanently changing the climate of the earth. Coal is used to generate power. The burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for energy release emissions.  When sunlight radiations fall into earth absorb the collected pollution like carbon dioxides rebound to space can cause planet get hotter.

Solar Water Heater role in Preventing Global Warming: The indirect reason behind global warming is Power Generation. Power can be generated by hydro, wind, coal and many others. When burning fossil fuel coal releases carbon dioxide emissions. In daily life, power can be excess used by people especially morning for hot water purpose. Most of us used electrical geyser to get hot water for bathing purpose in morning. The main role of solar water heater comes into a play. Suppose we install solar water heater will provide hot water by using solar radiation without any emissions. By usage of the solar water heater at least we can control a little bit of global warming by carbon emissions to get power.

Solar water heater advantages related to protect the ecosystem and prevent global warming.

Save power energy: Directly or indirectly we are also responsible for global warming. To require hot water most of all use geysers (power used). Power can be generated by a coal-based plant which releases carbon emission. Carbon emission which can absorb by sunlight radiation might leads to global warming. Just need hot water use the solar water heater can at least save power consumption.

Avoid Nuclear Energy: Nuclear energy is another way of generating power. A nuclear power plant produces excess amount power energy and also releases hazardous emissions which will be a major impact on the environment. Purpose of getting hot water, we can use solar water heaters instead of electrical power which is generated by nuclear plants.

Support Renewable Energy: A solar energy is renewable energy can be used in many forms like solar water heaters and solar PV panel generations. Support renewable energy to cut down emissions generated by coal and nuclear plants to get power energy.

Resource availability: A solar energy is free resource renewable energy is available in nature. An environment can be rescued from human activity. Using solar water heater there is no harm to nature. The solar water heater uses solar energy resource availability will provide human need like hot water at any time. No need for power energy and also keep away from power cuts.

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