Air Conditioners

Supreme Products, Presents TCL Residential  Air Conditioners which gives elegance air conditioning experience with our wide range of residential air conditioners with amazing functions, extraordinary cooling performance, and exquisite strength-saving generation, our air conditioners stage up the décor of your location splendidly. With Advanced Technology, TCL Residential Air Conditioners provides cool and cozy experience greater quickly than earlier than. TCL DC inverter imparting a unique method of retaining the set temperature the temperature fluctuation is controlled inside ±0.5°C.

TCL DC motor uses magnetic pressure to perform the compressor. This dramatically reduces the power consumption as compared to convention non-inverter motors. These DC Inverter Air Conditioners automatically slows down and operates at minimum appropriate capacity after attaining the set temperature. Moreover, they arrive with nice assurance on compressor because of this complete peace of thoughts.