Glass Lined Solar Water Heaters

'Glass Lining' is an internationally renowned innovation in solar water heaters to help give clean hot water. We Supreme Solar as an ISO certified organization occupied with assembling and trading of solar water heaters satisfied to report that we have created in-house set up for Glass Lining process on a metal tank. This procedure is otherwise called Glass lining, Glass lined steel, Glass Coated, Glass Enamel, Vitreous or Porcelain finish.

The creation facility for glass enamel covering tanks is completely mechanized and first of its kind in India. With very gifted and prepared technology and numerous times of know-how in the procedure of various limits and size of tanks, our glass polish tank creation achieves the best execution and productivity.

What is glass lining?

Glass lining - is a material made by intertwining powdered glass to an internal surface of a metal tank by terminating between 850°C to 870°C. Atomic association, bringing about a covering that melts, streams, and after that solidifies to a smooth, tough glass covering on a metal surface. So glass and steel can't be isolated from every other. Glass lining gives better lifespan than a heated water tank. In specific zones, stainless steel tanks have a tendency to flop more quickly than glass lined tanks because of chlorides in the water.

The greatest advantage of glass lined equipment is the very high corrosion resistance against

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