All European Certifications

In order to legally sell a product within the European Union a manufacturer, importer or distributor must guarantee that his product is safe and meets all safety standards imposed by the European Union. These actors have to make relevant test to ensure that their products meet these mandatory requirements imposed by the European Union and, if applicable, the corresponding national legislation. They must elaborate the regulatory technical documentation and keep it available to the relevant authorities. They must draft the Declaration of Conformity and label their products according to the applicable legislation. They must report their properties, content, possible warnings and known risks as well as include the CE Mark logotype (if applicable). This process is known as CE Marking, European certification , CE Certificate or European Conformity Evaluation.

Products that have printed CE Mark Logotype must comply with European regulations on safety and environmental and only when the products fully comply with these regulations can be marketed in the European Economic Area (EEA).

The European Union carries out constant checks through the market surveillance authorities. When it is detected that a product does not meet the minimum conditions established safety, the responsible for marketing the product must organize a recall of dangerous products already supplied to consumers, withdraw them from market (product recall) and assume all associated costs, generally including an administrative sanction whose amount varies depending on the product, sector and type of non-compliance detected.

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