Why is RHP Certification so important

In the modern world of gardening, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that substrates for horticulture are certified for safety and quality. RHP certification helps to guarantee the safety of plants that are grown in substrates such as peat, coco coir or soil.

RHP stands for “Regeling Handelspotgronden” (Potting Soil Trade Regulation). The Potting Soil Trade Regulation certifies substrates with the RHP certification. The RHP certification guarantees that the substrate meets the relevant quality requirements for, for example, water absorption, air content, pH and nutrients. It also provides more certainty that the substrate is clean and pure, and can be used safely without risks to the crop. The raw materials of RHP-certified substrates are examined beforehand for weed seeds, etc. Stringent tests are also carried out for heavy metals and pathogens dangerous to plant and man. Producers also work with respect for the environment.

The RHP Label is a way of demonstrating that a substrate is safe to use, as it has been tested and approved by independent inspectors. The RHP system is supported by the European Union, and provides European-wide standards for the safety and quality of substrates used for plant growing.

The RHP certification process is an important step in ensuring that substrates are safe for consumers to use. Every RHP-certified substrate is tested to ensure that it is free from harmful bacteria and fungi, as well as any other contaminants that could cause serious health problems to the plants. The substrates are also tested to ensure they are of consistent quality and meet the requirements of the RHP system.

RHP-certified substrates are guaranteed to deliver the best possible result. Overall, the RHP Label is essential for those who are growing plants on substrates. By using RHP certified Substrate, gardeners can be sure that the plants they grow are safe, of consistent quality and will produce the best results.

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