Supreme All-Mix

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Available in 50 bags.

– 50L – 80 / pallet

Supreme All-Mix
Specifications of Supreme All-Mix

Available in 50 bags.

– 50L – 80 / pallet



– Peatmoss medium 0,45 m3

– Black peat 0,20 m3

– Perlite 1-6 mm 0,10 m3

– Brown peat mix 0,25 m3

– Organic N+P 1,00 kg/m3

– Organic N+P+K 4,00 kg/m3

– Trace elements 0,30 kg/m3

– Bacillas bacterias 1,00 kg/m3

– Limestone Extra 4,30 kg/m3



– pH 5,5 (5,0-6,0)

– EC 1,0 (0,8–1,2) mS/cm

– Measurement of pH and EC in 1:1.5 (Extraction method in demi-water.)

About Supreme All-Mix

Supreme All-Mix is composed of the very best and extremely carefully selected types of peat. By adding different types of peat and perlite, an airiness and oxygen level is achieved that will be optimal for your plant. By adding the highest quality organic fertilizers, a high-quality biological life and an even further improvement of the water capacity is achieved. All-Mix fully meets the plant’s needs during the complete cycle. The organic dosage of fertilizers is built up in 4 stages. In this way, the plant is provided with its optimal needs in every phase of the cultivation. It is of course always possible to add extra fertilizers or additives.  
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