Supreme Coco-Perlite 70/30

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Available in 50  bags.

– 50L – 65 / pallet


Supreme Coco-Perlite 70/30
Specifications of Supreme Coco-Perlite 70/30

Available in 50  bags.

– 50L – 65 / pallet




– Cocopeat premium 0,70 m3 (Buffed and washed)

– Perlite 1-6 mm 0,30 m3

– PG-Mix 1 (14-16-18+TE 0.2Mo) 1,00 kg/m3



– pH 5,8 (5,3-6,3)

– EC 0,8 (0,6–1,0) mS/cm

– Measurement of pH and EC in 1:1.5 (Extraction method in demi-water.)

About Supreme Coco-Perlite 70/30

Supreme Coco-Perlite 70/30 mix is a combination of two high-quality products: Cocos Pith and Perlite. This mix contains 70% Coco Pith and 30% perlite and is suitable for growing in pots and recirculating systems. The fully buffered cocos has a stable pH value. The perlite provides an airy substrate and better drainage. An ideal mix for the growth and flowering of your plant. This mix has a basic dose of fertilizer for a healthy and good start of the cultivation.        
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